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Staff Augmentation

Through its wide range of skilled associates, Danta will match the Team to the client to ensure you get the best out of each resource. You focus on your business while we deliver the best people for the job. Take the cost and concern over hiring out of the equation and have the ability to add a new member to your team for a temporary or more prolonged period of time.


Whatever the technology gaps you are looking to fill, we are ideally placed to provide all the support you need, without the headache of a long recruitment process.
Team augmentation is a simple engagement model that enables you to take advantage of our huge pool of experts to support and extend your in-house development team. Whatever the circumstances, we can provide the right expertise at the right time, with the skills you need.


A flexible outsourcing strategy that enables you to hire tech resources that are not already at your disposal.

Rather than missing out on projects that could otherwise be out of reach, we can bolster your team at very short notice.

Your assigned team members work for you on a full-time based and can integrate with your existing teams, join meetings remotely or we can even provide onsite support if required. You will be in direct communication with them to assign tasks and decide the tools and processes to work with.

Why consider this route?


  • Rapid access to the right talent

  • No infrastructure investment

  • Reduce time spent on recruitment

  • Short or long term – you decide the duration

  • Not restricted by geographic location

  • Retain full control of the development process

  • Flexible working arrangements

  • Ideal for Start-Up / Scale-Up sized organisations

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